We filter the water we drink. It's time we filter the air we breathe.


Updated Announcement: For Immediate Release

April 23, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Education has taken history-making first steps by recognizing the impact of indoor air quality in our public schools.  After carefully listening to supporters and advocates of legislation to lower chronic absenteeism, improve health and raise test scores, legislators have drafted what will be a seminal point in the history of public health, S.2660  An Act Relative to Air Quality in Schools, now before the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Rules. 

S. 2660 is a groundbreaking piece of legislation that meaningfully addresses the importance of breathing clean air for children, teachers, and employees of public schools.  S. 2660 is an important step forward to addressing issues of chronic absenteeism, historically low test scores across the state, deteriorating quality of education and, of course, the serious economic impacts resulting from each of these issues. 

We are grateful for the efforts of Chairperson Lewis, Chairperson Garlick, and members of the Committee on Education for taking this important first step towards protecting the health and education of constituents across the Commonwealth. We are excited to observe and support our leaders in their mission to create the path to healthy indoor air in schools.  Here’s to the future of the next generations of Massachusetts! 


You can help children and school staff breathe healthier air! Click HERE to learn how.

Why Clean Air?

Clean water and sanitation is considered a human right by the World Health Organization.   Just like the water we drink, the air we breathe can transmit disease and spread harmful pollution.  Spending hours indoors at school every day breathing dirty air is having a detrimental effect on our children and teachers.

We, and countless other families, have grown frustrated with the number of accruing absences of our children and their teachers from school.  By monitoring CO2, and utilizing other, simple methods such as HEPA filtration and HVAC upgrades, our kids will be healthier from breathing in fewer pollutants.  Not only will their health improve, but so will their cognition and test scores from lower levels of CO2! Such small adjustments to the way our buildings run can have a profound impact on families across the Commonwealth.  

Cleaning our school air makes health stronger, education stronger, and the Massachusetts economy better with fewer sick days taken.  


Safer Air Safer Schools is an advocacy group based in Massachusetts that fights for cleaner air in schools.  Environmental pollutants, allergens and respiratory pathogens all impact the health and learning of our children and their teachers.  

We believe in the power of information.  When folks understand how to achieve optimal health, it unlocks their potential.  We want community members to have the knowledge and the tools needed to support this effort.  When we work together, we can elevate the minds and health of the next generation of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and beyond.

Who We Are

We are Massachusetts residents.  We are every community.  We are caregivers, teachers, scientists, healthcare workers, retirees and more.  Shared is our belief that  children and adults alike thrive when breathing cleaner air.